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    So excited to join the crew at

    @AustinJusticeCoalition ‘s Black Art Matters: Cyberfunk

    Friday, May 27th Friday 6PM - 10PM

    & Saturday May 28th Saturday 4PM - 11PM @distributionhall

    Experience Black Art Matters: Cyber Funk! A 2-day mini festival dedicated to celebrating the excellence and creative power of ART! With a market by the infamous @FridaFridayATX , food, drinks, local and guest DJs with all the funky, future vibes, BAM:CYBERFUNK is not to be missed!

    “You have been traversing time and space on the Mothership in search of places and moments that send out those cosmic level vibes by celebrating the lives and work of our ancestors. The people in ATX 2022 have sent out a powerful signal that's especially funkadelic. It is a special moment in space-time and just what you have been searching for. You scan the scene, and what do you find? A celebration of visual art, music, food, culture, and community where your people and those who support them are getting down, showing out, and fixing shit up. When you roll up wearing your flyest, SpottieOttieDopaliscious futuristic fit, you realize all along it was the DJ boosting that signal calling you to GET DOWN.”

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