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    Cartoonist Phil Machi is celebrating his longest-running book series, "Retail Sunshine", in a big way. His latest book is the culmination of the past 15 years and will be kicking off at Ao5 Gallery with Machi on hand to sign prints and of course the new book.

    "I can't think of a better place to kick things off!" said Phil Machi, author and illustrator of "Retail Sunshine: Everything Must Go!"

    "Ao5 has been my favorite gallery for years now and a big reason for that is their commitment to animation and cartoon art as a form of creative and artistic expression."

    The 15-year-old comic strip series is a comedic take on dealing with the general public from a retail sales point of view based on Machi's own experiences. “Everything Must Go!” collects over 100 comic strips, two original illustrated stories, and even still images from the animated cartoon interpretation -- something Machi continues to animate on paper. Fans of “The Office” will appreciate the familiar territory in this series that pokes fun at ridiculous human behaviors.

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