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    We are BUZZING with excitement for our Bumble Barefoot Bootcamp! Create the Bumble Effect by meeting, connecting and sweating with new friends at TruFusion. We'll vibe to a different Buzz during Barefoot Bootcamp as we build strength, mobility, and endurance with heat, sweat, and good music. Get ready for a party at the TruFusion SWEAT Room Hive

    We're all about blossoming, growing and finding healthy relationships, so stick around after class for a post-workout free Bumble smoothie!

    This is a free community workout with a first come, first serve policy - be sure to arrive on time! Class begins at 12:30 PM and it'd really sting to miss out!

    Wanna fly into class without delays? Make sure you fill out a liability waiver and have a Bumble app downloaded (and logged in) prior to arriving to the studio!

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