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    Cage Match Project, Round 21: cullective by Ariel Wood

    Round 21: cullective by Texas based artist Ariel Wood exposes a selective gathering. The installation invokes a possible system of water collection, yet elements are either still needed or slowly being taken away. There's a suggestion of past or future use, yet current stasis. The form of a water tower is built with steel beams woven together with blue twine. Ceramic thrown and altered pipes and vessels are held in alignment via welded steel structures bolted to concrete pavers. Each element holds the potential for collection and conveyance, yet falls short of this linear progression. The structure of the cage itself, appearing to be parked permanently—its days of fluid mobility have come to a close—is wrapped in a burlap scrim disrupted by varying sizes of cut circular vents or viewing portals. Partially protected from both sight and the elements. Round 21: cullective utilizes the relationships inherent to the exploded-view diagram—a lack of delineated function and an emphasis on labor—to call attention to access, control, and connection or a lack thereof.

    Cage Match Project (CMP) is a temporary, site-specific art installation series in which selected artists are invited to engage a large, industrial caged-trailer. Measured at 20ft x 8ft x 7ft, the weathered and rusted container resides in the exterior lot of The Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX where it is under constant exposure to the elements and 24-hour public viewership. CMP is curated by Aryel René Jackson.

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