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    Join Latinitas for 8 jam-packed weeks of summer camp for students between ages 9-18! Discover how to create your own videos, learn how to create your own Virtual Reality videos, program robots, 3D print your own designs, visit UT, and much more!

    In June, Latinitas will be hosting College Chica, Tech Chicos, and Code Chica, where students will explore UT’s Department of Computer Science, engage in storytelling through technology and design activities using robotics, VR, and 3D printing, and learn how to create a portfolio website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript in a FREE coding bootcamp (only for girls in 8th-12th grade). In July, Latinitas will be hosting our annual Camp Latinitas, where Latinitas students will exploring filmmaking and videography in Cine Chica week, designing websites and conducting fashion shows in Design Chica week, learning about advocacy and campaigning in Power Chica week, and engaging in mindfulness and learning how to stay physically and mentally healthy during Healthy Chica week! Please check out Latinitas’ website at latinitasonline.org to sign up for any of our many offerings for summer camp.

    DISCLAIMER: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Latinitas is looking into delivering our camp offerings through virtual mediums in place of the in-person events for summer camp. Please email camp@latinitasmagazine.org if you have any questions.

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