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    AS SEEN ON Hulu, CBS, FOX, CNN CHINEDU is a stand up comedian born and raised in Houston, TX. Loving comedy since he was 5 years old, CHINEDU always wanted to be a comedian. Whether it was telling jokes in class, or writing scripts, it always centered around comedy. The first time he hit the stage was at his high school talent show in 2004. He told 8 jokes and after that, he was hooked. After college in 2012, and getting laid off, he decided to pursue comedy and content creation full time.

    After 5 years and 900+ YouTube videos made, he received his first viral hit video “I’m From Houston…” Since then he has sold out shows all over Texas on multiple comedy tours. Currently he is on his 5th comedy tour titled “Why Can”t You Be A Doctor?”, along with working with several major companies in Texas including the RODEOHOUSTON, Houston Texans, Astros, Rockets, and LaMichoacana It is his goal to bring laughter to every person that he comes across. So to all of the members of our Laughter Family that watch the videos and get tickets to the live shows

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