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    This month’s CineNoche screening at Violet Crown Cinema features a Cine Las Americas International Film Festival encore of IGUALADA, the 2024 Jury Award Winner for Best Documentary Feature. Join us in celebration of the film’s subject matter- black women in political leadership in Latin America!

    A film by Juan Mejía Botero

    Colombia/Mexico/USA, 2024
    Afro-Latin@/Documentary/Politics, 81 min
    Spanish with English subtitles

    In Colombia, a nation marred by profound racial and socio-economic disparities, a Black woman from a rural background challenges the status quo by launching a presidential campaign. Reappropriating the term “igualada,” Francia Márquez, catapults a movement to the upper echelons of power, by refusing to “know her place.” Fifteen years in the making, this documentary peels back the curtain on how unprecedented change can happen.

    $13.50 (Free for CLA members. Contact gabriel@cinelasamericas.org for more information.)

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