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    The doors open at 7PM and the show starts at 8 PM

    The show is located upstairs at Shakespeare's Pub on East 6th Street.

    You can bring food into the venue but no drinks.

    There is no drink minimum but we kindly ask you to support the venue.

    Come see a night of laughter and dancing with our Comedy Burlesque showcase!

    Come see the best women in Comedy in Austin Texas that happen to be in town every Tuesday. You can see names that you saw on Kill Tony like Celia Contreras and Trish Smart. You can get half off tickets with code halfies

    Come see Trish Smart while she's in town.
    Trish Smart is a nomadic stand-up comic that flies under the radar and into your watering hole. Right now she’s living in a van down by a walmart parking lot painting a toilet selfie to sell at a show near you. She is an edgy comic that pushes the envelope of what women should be allowed to say out loud.
    Amidst her renditions of her quixotic lifestyle choices, Trish has smooth transitions and unexpected punch lines; she makes everyone want her to keep speaking slightly louder than everyone else. Trish will ease you into uncomfortable situations you didn’t know you wanted to be in, and give you a night you will not soon forget.

    Trish has performed comedy shows in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Hungary, Germany, Austria, and all over the United States and the United Kingdom.

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