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    Founding members of the Austin based Black Mountain Project Adrian Aguilera, Betelhem Makonnen, and Tammie Rubin will debut a new body of work in sculpture, photography, text, and video, at the George Washington Carver Museum, Cultural and Genealogy Center from March 7, 2019 - July 27, 2019. This collaborative exhibition, constant escape, provides a sensory experience for resisting absolute definitions of culture and identity. The concept for this exhibition is inspired by text from Fred Moten’s, Black and Blur:

    Constant escape is uneasy. It demands the blinking intermittence, the radical flight, of a certain experience of constraint that will have been best understood as sustained, unflinching fantasy, as a look through or away, listening to and playing over, under. Perhaps constant escape is that which is what we mean when we say freedom.

    Employing a variety of mediums, each artist has a distinctive process and approach to their creative practice. And yet, they share a commitment to making work that is not easily labeled, asks us to question our environments, and reflect on how we see ourselves in the world.

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