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    Welcome to My Garage, which I'm transforming into a Cosmic Comedy Club that transcends the Space-Time Continuum by layering your laughter and reactions on top of each other to create a full audience. So please unmute yourself and feel free to laugh loudly. I don't even know if you will laugh though, because this set is so weird I don't know if it's comedy, a spoken word psychedelic sci-fi adventure or just like a funny TED Talk and doing StandUp on Zoom is so weird, being on the Astral Plane, outside space and time, with you. But no matter what, I can guarantee that this half hour will be a mind-bending epic adventure through the Multiverse, so I hope to see you there, I mean here, I mean I hope to see you on the Astral Plane.

    Please get free tickets ahead of time, then On Thursday at 6:00 PM PST and 7:00PM MST Click Here to Join on Zoom https://us04web.zoom.us/j/4025084093?pwd=TU1mckV3RWRVMWJsQ1E5cGJmVlExZz09

    And to watch my past stand up sets on demand -

    Clips - https://youtube.com/channel/UCMjPmpsPX8HmZehaAh37GIw

    Full Sets - https://www.patreon.com/AaronHarrington/posts?filters%5Btag%5D=Stand%20Up%20Comedy

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