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    The 1960s in Argentina were marked by experimentation and the expansion of the limits of art. Artists like Julio Le Parc, Rogelio Polesello, and Alejandro Puente explored new realms of abstraction. Influenced by science, they probed human perception and the laws of vision, creating paintings that appear to dance and buzz before the eye. Technology and new social perspectives changed the visual culture of the period, and other experiments centered on the link between art and reality, often incorporating new materials into groundbreaking works.

    Dr. Mariana Marchesi, Artistic Director of Argentina’s National Fine Arts Museum in Buenos Aires, will begin with an overview of 1960s Argentine art in international and regional contexts. Dr. Marchesi and the Blanton Curator of Latin American Art, Dr. Vanessa Davidson, will then join in a conversation about Argentine pioneers of the 1960s. They’ll take viewers on a virtual tour of Expanding Abstraction: Pushing the Boundaries of Painting in the Americas, 1958–1983, focusing on Latin American artists and their contributions to international languages of abstraction.

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