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    Buffi Jacobs: live cello looping with immersive and reactive visuals by Joel Olivas with additional performances by Thor Harris and Bernard

    Buffi Jacobs
    Buffi Jacobs, a distinguished modernistic cellist and composer, celebrated for her role in The Polyphonic Spree. Jacobs' career, spanning over three decades, is marked by a continuous exploration of new artistic dimensions, pushing the limits of musical expression and captivating audiences with her distinctive performances.

    Joel Olivas
    Joel Olivas is a multidisciplinary new media artist and interactive multimedia designer. As a proponent of experimental music and intermedia, he pushes for artistic expression to be communicated through an array of multiple senses. He employs technology and sound to create performer-specific works that interact with and manipulate the digital, social, and auditory environments in which they preside.

    Thor Harris
    Polymath percussionist Thor Harris inaugurated “Thor & Friends” in the autumn of 2015 after five years of touring as the percussionist of iconic avant-rock ensemble Swans. The project is intended as a vehicle for experimentation with the conceptual vocabulary of American Minimalism collaborating with a rotating cast of Austin-based musicians.

    Bernard is a restless performer and producer, chasing samplers, saxophones, and synthesizers across the stage, time, and space. His sound evokes Lynchian soundtracks, dirty beats, and ambient electronic textures. Bernard's structured improvisations are raw, captivating, and occasionally unnerving.

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