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    Our Taino Spring Ceremony will honor Ataabey (Mother Earth) with
    Areyto (dance) and activities for the whole family!

    For the Taino, the Spring Season begins with the Spring Equinox, and is marked with celebrations of gratefulness for the Spring rains that bring new life to the Earth. During this season, Attaabey invites us to plant not only new seeds into the Earth but into our lives.
    Bring your Maraca! In Taino tradition, we will dance Areyto - ceremonial dance and song! Come learn to play the Taino ballgame of Batu, and other native games for the whole family.

    Yukayeke Yara Cu (Tribe of the Sacred Place) is a Taino tribe of blood descendants and Guaytiao proudly serving Central Texas. Since 2008, our Cultural Center defends and shares Taino Heritage everyday.

    Earth Day is supported by Good Water -Texas Master Naturalists!
    Our 2024 season of cultural outreach is sponsored in part by Six Square, the Texas Commission on the Arts with the National Endowment for the Arts, and the City of Austin Economic Development Department. Since 2005, our Puerto Rican Cultural Center is proudly affiliated with the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture.

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