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    Celebrated modern jazz masters and innovators David Murray and Kahil El'Zabar return for an evening of spirited and deep musical interplay.
    These two modern music masters have been at the forefront of creative exploration and compositional diversity over the past four decades. Murray and El’Zabar are recognized by their peers to be consummate virtuosos who possess ingenious interpretations within the history and future of Great Black Music! This magnificent duo shares with us all the hope and desire that comes from blowing fire in an acquired wisdom.

    To witness these time proven masters in person, is to be exalted and rejuvenated! They are the miracle of a profound sound, within a priceless opportunity not to be missed! These cats express brilliantly what true musicians feel and see, which is the epiphany to be free! They are body and soul, in a moment’s notice, that ignites the call to have a ball with the one and only Murray/El’Zabar Duo!

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