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    Art Exhibition 9/24/21- 11/4/21. Artist reception Friday, September 24th, 6-9 pm. A record of complete vaccination or a recent covid test, as well as masks, is required for reception. The exhibition closes Thursday, November 4th. The gallery is open weekends 12-5 or by appt weekdays. See website for details. “I see my art as being empowering to women. It is erotic, playful, it critiques fashion, it addresses love, lust, and relationships. I have always been fascinated with psychology and sexuality. My own learning is reflected in my art. I want a woman to embrace her sexuality and enjoy her body. I want women to be smart about relationships, desire, and love. I feel that art can create both awareness of life and true beauty.”
    - Deborah Vanko
    -Artist, activist, psychotherapist, and founding member of Women and Their Work, Deborah Vanko has been creating art for more than 45 years.
    Whether using found materials for sculpture or common scraps of fabric cut in simple, erotic shapes, and repeated patterns, Vanko’s work elevates the subject of eroticism. Leaving exposed wire or frayed edges, she is not trying to make things perfect. If you thought you could escape the subject in the image itself, she throws it back in the viewer's face with titles that might make puritans blush. These vulvas are in control. They know what, when, and how they want it. Be prepared for fun. This is the 21st century after all.

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