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    Deja Vu, a film shot during the first lockdown of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, will be screened on August 12th at 6:30pm at AFS Cinema, 6406 N I-35, Suite 3100, Austin, TX.

    Motivate Pictures CEO/Producer Maurice Moore (Austin, TX) and Writer/Director Alex Rios (Barcelona, Spain) risked the unknown to shoot Deja Vu.

    Maurice Moore: “Alex showed up in Austin the day that the world’s borders closed. Literally, that day. He was stuck here until we didn't know when. He came over to DP a feature film that I was set to direct that was canceled literally the day he arrived in the states. Because we were in lockdown, we needed a creative outlet. I challenged Alex and myself to come up with an idea that would work in this lockdown world and Deja Vu was the brainchild of Alex.”

    After Deja Vu wrapped production, the next challenge was getting Alex Rios back home. Mau- rice Moore: “Because travel was suspended, it was impossible to know when Alex could fly back to Barcelona. After several attempts to book flights over the course of six weeks, ultimately Alex was able to secure a flight back to Barcelona with an exciting and eerie film in the can.”

    In the film Deja Vu, it’s not safe to go outside because an anomaly is making people disappear once they leave their homes. Erik (Maurice Moore) and Grey (Olivia Whitney) are plunged head- first into an intense series of events trying to untangle the mystery.

    Ultimately, Deja Vu is a touching and emotional story of familial love and devotion in the height of a scary situation.

    Maurice Moore is excited to showcase Deja Vu and other works: “I’m a stronger more focused artist because COVID19 challenged me emotionally and creatively. Now I’m excited to show that creativity to the world.”

    Deja Vu will be screened along with with several other exciting Motivate Pictures projects on August 12th at AFS Cinema.


    • AFS Cinema is located at 6406 N I-35, Suite 3100, Austin, TX
    • The screening starts at 6:30pm.
    • Seating for the screening is extremely limited due to COVID19 safety concerns but is free to attend
    • Motivate Pictures is an African-American owned film and multi-media company that prides itself on its diversity and creating engaging and dynamic stories
    • For more information on Deja Vu go to https://www.motivate.pictures

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