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    October is a month to remember and attribute to our ancestors. Their DNA lives in our bones, and we get to dance through life carrying their dreams and spirit within us. What an honor!

    In this month’s Cacao Ceremony, we’ll take time to pause… remember… and celebrate those who came before us!
    Izzy Acheson will join us to create an Ofrenda, a home altar, to honor deceased friends and family. Please bring pictures of those you’d love to celebrate + anything else you feel called to bring - maybe something the person loved, or a trinket that reminds you of them.

    Enjoy the medicine of cacao and the tender, sacred heart-opening it allows. Following the ceremony, expect gentle movement to stir stagnant energy, and a breathing practice to deeply awaken the present moment.

    Yoga Nidra paired with the healing sound of gongs, singing bowls, chimes and drums will guide you into a dream state for deep healing and relaxation.
    This is a celebration for the gift of life!

    Immerse in this community to connect deeply with yourself and loved ones.

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