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    Link & Pin Gallery is delighted to welcome Dogs Heal in Borderlandia featuring visual and performance artist, Andrea Muñoz Martinez. March 11 – April 18, 2021, 2235 East 6th St. #102 Austin, Texas 78702. Gallery hours are Thursday - Saturday, 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m., and by appointment.

    Borderlandia is a mythical place created by the artist, a reimagined borderland full of life and movement. Through painting, drawing, video and performance, she invites people to contemplate the beauty that exists in a land where people negotiate their place, thrive and struggle, and resist the idea of unjust boundaries.

    Muñoz Martinez recently began inserting dogs into her scenes of Borderlandia. Portraits of dogs infuse humor, comfort, and joy into difficult but urgent realities about the borderlands. Entering the gallery one sees dogs heads and bodies becoming part of the landscape of the border space and representing the energy exchanged when a perimeter is crossed, moved, or destroyed.

    More About Andrea Muñoz Martinez:
    I grew up in south Texas where hill country meets brush country. It is the vitality and depth of this vast landscape that my art evokes. Inspired by the writings of the theorist Gloria Anzaldua, who described the border as a “1,950 mile-long open wound,” I render a place I call Borderlandia. https://www.xoxoammo.com

    More About Link & Pin Gallery:
    Link & Pin is a progressive "artist-influenced" space offering a venue to display creative works, develop community, and nurture future artists. linkpinart.com.

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