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    Dykes You Should Know
    MASS Instagram Takeover - July 30-August 6, 2021

    A celebration of Dykes, by people that love Dykes.
    Friends, lovers, freaks — we want to know all about them.

    The ask is simple:
    Think about a Dyke that’s relevant to you (sister, aunt, hot doctor you had a crush on, your mechanic, unsung political heroine) and create an homage to them. It can be a monologue, still photo(s), text rant, interpretive dance…ANYTHING.

    Craft a tribute at your leisure :)
    This is an ongoing project.
    Plan a tribute for a special occasion (birthday, recent achievement, picked-self-up-off-the-floor, etc.) and surprise that Dyke that you love! For examples, check out our Instagram.

    We want to hear from YOU!

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