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    Echoes and Spaces, New Paintings by Shawn Camp and Lana Waldrep-Appl
    Exhibition Dates: February 28, 2020 – March 28, 2020
    Opening Reception: Friday, February 28, 7-10 pm
    Open Canopy: Friday, March 6, 7-10 pm

    We walk around in a world filled with little moments of clarity amongst a dense fog of existence. Tiny bits of connection, something that feels like déjà vu, arise from this fog and form echoes in our experiences.

    In Echoes and Spaces, Lana Waldrep-Appl and Shawn Camp explore the feelings of the sublime that happen in those moments when you allow yourself to completely reside inside of the space you are in. These paintings feel like daydreaming, an activity that takes place primarily when one is doing nothing. Both artists are interested in exploring the something-ness of nothing. Camp makes paintings of air and space; imagery devoid of solid forms. That nothingness is framed through subtle geometric divisions and contradictory hints of color. Through translucence and refraction, the shimmering surfaces convey a sense of atmosphere and explore the mystery of light, matter, and space. Waldrep-Appl makes paintings of nothing spaces—places of waiting, landscapes that drone by during a commute, visual white noise, the places between places where things happen. These spaces are never flat. A gray is never just gray. Varied chromatic grays, near whites, and unanticipated pastels invite viewers to see there is more to these ignorable spaces.

    Lana Waldrep-Appl is an artist, mother, and educator. She has shown her work on the local, statewide, and national level. She has participated in residencies at Vermont Studio Center and the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts. She holds a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin and MFA in Painting from Virginia Commonwealth University.

    Shawn Camp has shown work in New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Dallas, along with solo and group shows in his home base of Austin, TX. His work has been featured in South by Southwest, ArtPrize, and New American Talent. He received his MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. www.shawncamp.net

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