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    Ecstatic Dance & Meditation Night is a fun, easy, bi-monthly MOVEMENT / MEDITATION / INSIGHT event to upgrade and maintain your energy field with Ashley Beasley, an Akashic Records channel and healer.

    First, we ALIGN our physical bodies with self-directed moving, shaking, bouncing, stretching and dancing to get out of our heads and break free from habitual programming. This is a space to be weird and not afraid.

    Then, we RECEIVE a channeled meditation using the activated Akashic Records to upgrade our energetic field and open opportunities to expand the potential in our lives.

    We end with a closing circle and option to share, or ask questions about what we experienced. In sharing our experience, we GIVE BACK to others.

    This is the reciprocal nature of the cosmos. And, the more we reflect nature, the more our lives are in divine flow. ALIGN -> RECEIVE -> GIVE BACK

    Come share this divine flow with like-minded individuals, and gift yourself this easily accessible, community-oriented, bi-monthly upgrade @ FLOW YOGA w/ Ashley Beasley.

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