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El Cachivache Live Music

Guardia Vieja and Austin Urban Tango bring to you a unique Argentine Tango Experience with El Cachivache!

El Cachivache Quinteto is currently one of the most popular tango groups and is widely recognized on the world music circuit. Sometimes called 'Tango Punk,' the group is characterized by its undeniably creative, original, and very “danceable ' style.

Join us on September 27, 2018 for a special debut concert with El Cachivache! This is an exclusive show and El Cachivache's debut in Texas. Whether you are new to Tango or a seasoned social dancer, we hope to inspire you with this unique event.

El Cachivache will be playing two sets and in the first we invite you to listen to their unique Tango Punk style and watch as Ciko (Cigdem Tanik) and Mauro Peralta perform. Towards the end of this first set and for the duration of the second, we invite social dancers to join the band in expressing their own creativity. Throughout the night, there will also be a DJ to keep you dancing, when the band is not playing.

El Cachivache