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    Celebrating five years of providing upper limb care for injured musicians, Musician Treatment Foundation (MTF ) is honored to present a very special evening of artistry. Elvis Costello has teamed up with his friend T Bone Burnett to produce a concert to raise additional funds to support MTF’s mission and work.

    This year’s benefit concert, with so many other award-winning musicians joining Elvis on stage, is a celebration of five years successfully pursuing our mission and helping so many, as well as a night to honor Elvis Costello’s immense, eclectic, collaborative genius as a consummate musician. He is a gift that truly keeps on giving to Keep the Music Playing, and December 2nd will be an evening to remember.” Sharing plans for the evening, Elvis Costello said:

    “ King Of America ” was my first full-length collaboration with T Bone Burnett, who produced and cast the record. It was the first album that I made after “ My Aim Is True” that was not entirely performed with the Attractions. The songs I had written invited a very different instrumental approach. T Bone took a fountain pen and wrote a cast list for an album that made my head spin, proposing and then booking players who had accompanied Elvis Presley, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Bob Dylan.

    In 37 years since we made that record my world has opened ever more to playing and singing with a wide variety of musicians, yet the songs from “King Of America” remain close to my heart, written as they were from my understanding of American country-soul balladry and the narrative songs tradition found on my other albums that T Bone has produced; “ Spike”, “Secret Profane & Sugarcane ” and “ National Ransom. ”

    It feels like time and the right occasion to fling the door open and revisit these tunes and others written from the same curiosities, inviting some friends and newer voices to enjoy “King Of America & Other Realms.” Musician Treatment Foundation is proud to present this once in a lifetime special concert performance.

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