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    Ivester Contemporary is proud to announce "Encounters in the Garden," a solo exhibition by Josias Figueirido. This is the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery and will feature paintings on canvas alongside animated models that can be experienced through augmented reality, creating an immersive and interactive experience for visitors.

    "Encounters in the Garden" explores themes of friendship, community, curiosity, and the magic of discovery. The two main characters, Piri the Dreamer and Flying Coyote guide us through a fantastical world where autochthonous creatures, playful anthropomorphic plants, and animal-hybrids coexist in harmony. These unique beings reveal themselves only in moments of safety, and otherwise blend seamlessly into their surroundings as common plants and animals. Piri the Dreamer and Flying Coyote convey a profound sense of awe and curiosity as they interact with the garden’s inhabitants. The scenes shift between day and night, and are often set against vivid, colorful backgrounds, creating a timeless atmosphere where the garden's creatures are most active.

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