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    Immerse yourself in a collective journey through the realms of visionary art, where the creative spirits of women converge in a celebration of shared dreams and individual expression. Delve into a kaleidoscope of colors, forms, and narratives that transcend the boundaries of reality, guided by the diverse perspectives and boundless imaginations of our visionary sisters. From ethereal landscapes to mystical beings, each artwork unveils a unique vision and a testament to the transformative power of creativity.

    Featured artists:

    Amanda Sage + Amanda Wolf + Caren Chroma + Elizabeth Banker + Jag Wired + Jamie Brindley + Jamie Gaviola + Jasna Boudard + Juliana Garces + Julia Wild + JR Rapier + Kara Timmons + Lys Santamaria + Melanie Farris + Morgan Mandala + NIZ + Rosemary Villegas + Shannon Miguela + Stella Strzyzowska

    Exhibit dates: April 19th - June 2nd

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