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    Following the revolution in the 1920s Mexico’s leaders sought to define and promote Mexico’s culture and art to its people and the world. This campaign included looking to artists from regions all over Mexico. The search for a neatly defined Mexican art form is a difficult task to take on. The vast number of Mexican artists, both past and present, produce a wide variety of artworks. Their artworks also come in a great assortment of styles, subjects, and mediums. To this day, artists from all over Mexico master and share their practices with their communities and the world.

    With "Expresiones de Mexico, Arte de la Gente / Art of the People," Mexic-Arte Museum presents the impressive collection of artworks created by many artists utilizing techniques and skills passed down through generations.

    This collection has been compiled over the course of the nearly forty years of Mexic-Arte Museum’s history. This exhibition will give light to some of the key master artists in Mexico that have made this art so sought out by people around the world. "Expresiones de Mexico, Arte de la Gente / Art of the People" includes artwork from pivotal artists, including Carlos Aguilar, Irene Aguilar, Josefina Aguilar, Teodora Blanco, Capelo, Guadalupe Garcia Rios, Gorky Gonzalez, Felipe Linares, Heron Martinez Mendoza, Manuel Morales, Juan Orta, Tiburcio Soteno, additional featured artists, and others whose names remain anonymous. The artwork by these people expresses the variety and vibrancy of these artforms that, for many, are emblematic of Mexico’s creativity and culture.

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