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    FELIZ is back for the fall! Come out on December 8th to shop your favorite designers & discover new artists from around the country. The lineup is so great- you could probably knock out your whole holiday list in one day and have a drink to celebrate.

    Speaking of, enjoy drinks from Little Brother Coffee & Cocktails, Tortilla Mami food and get some quality time in with friends at the Party At The Moontower lounge. It's the perfect place to game plan your FELIZ purchases.

    Onto the lineup!
    We're welcoming back FELIZ alumni and are excited to show some new faces as well.

    Slantt Jewelry
    High Sun Low Moon
    Kindred Fiber Farm
    Loot Finers Goods
    Handmade by Hopp
    Guten Co
    Pasaj Perfume
    Together Segal
    The Pursuits of Happiness
    Feline Object
    Fort Lonesome
    Era Ceramics
    Tropics of Capricorn
    Esker Beauty
    Watchman Woodworks
    Unravel Co.
    Sister Ceramics
    Miranda Bennett
    Pieceology Vintage
    Hey Murphy
    Elisha Marie
    House Of St. Clair


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