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    East St. Elmo road dead ends at the front door of the gallery, and West St. Elmo road hugs the south end of our building. Saint Elmo is the namesake of the neighborhood, and many businesses in the area. We thought we might offer up a tribute show to St. Elmo, for his feast day on June 2nd.

    An exhibition was planned, along with a neighborhood-wide block party. Then the Covid-19 pandemic erupted in March. We thought the best time to reschedule this exhibit would be inclusive of All Saints Day on November 1st, to channel all of the characters represented in this exhibit.

    Saints & Intermediaries is a visual conversation about the role of spiritual intermediaries in our modern society. Who are the representatives of the Divine in our times? What has happened to the traditional Saint characters over the years, what are their stories? Have their purposes and uses changed? Why would we need an intermediary instead of talking directly to God (or the secular object of our worship)?

    7 Austin artists explore these ideas through their mystical works:

    Elizabeth Chapin

    Emma Hadzi Antich

    CP Harrison

    Meena Matocha

    Hayley Morrison

    Saul Jerome San Juan

    Meghan Shogan

    We invite you to explore this exhibition virtually, on our website and on Instagram (@vaultstoneshop), and in-person in the gallery via safe, limited appointments.

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