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    Ten years ago, Austin-based artist Kathie Sever launched the celebrated business Fort Lonesome at Prizer with an exhibition featuring her custom chainstitch embroidery work. Her distinctive and amazingly intricate pieces sold out immediately. Now, Fort Lonesome is returning to Prizer for a forward-looking 10th Anniversary show. With Kathie at the helm, Fort Lonesome has grown to include Austin artists Christina Hurt Smith, Bekah DuBose, Lauren Chester, Amrit Khalsa, Michelle Devereux, Brian Allmand and Stephani Rose.

    They continue to make stunningly beautiful custom chainstitch embroidery clothing in an era of fast fashion while simultaneously pushing the boundaries and of western wear. About the show, Fort Lonesome writes, “As we approach the 10-year anniversary of Ft Lonesome, we are considering the arc not only of our last decade of rodeo tailorhood, but what the next era of the Fort might look like. Bringing the paradigm of western wear along for the ride and building off of the shoulders of our predecessors, we’d like to invite new heroic archetypes into our visual vernacular. Wherein the zeitgeist of exploration and growth once was captured in the story of a cowboy and his shenanigans, the spirit of the now-time seems to require a heroic metamorphosis. To what or whom do we look in this moment to be inspired to explore, evolve, and transform- simultaneously while taking care, instigating play, seeking interconnection?"

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