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    🌟 Freedom Flow with MVP SoCo Studio Lead Adrienne Garman 🌟

    In honor of Black History Month, join us for a special edition of "Freedom Flow" led by MVP SoCo Studio Lead, Adrienne Garman. This unique class celebrates the creativity and resilience of Black artists through music, movement, and community.

    What to expect:

    🧘 Dynamic Flow: Immerse yourself in a dynamic Vinyasa flow that pays homage to the strength and artistry of Black culture. Adrienne's expert guidance will lead you through creative sequences that celebrate freedom in movement.

    🎶 Soulful Beats: Move to the rhythm of soulful music curated to uplift your spirit and honor the contributions of Black musicians and artists throughout history.

    🌅 Community Connection: Experience the power of coming together in a supportive and inclusive community. This class is not just about yoga; it's about unity and shared celebration.

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