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    A virtual artistic festival offered by Corps Multiple (USA/FRANCE). Enjoy a mix of contemporary dance, music and theatrical expression.

    About this Event
    From Paris to Austin: Florilège Artistique by Corps Multiple is a virtual artistic festival offered by the multidisciplinary company Corps Multiple based in Austin, TX; directed by French artist Sandie Donzica. This event is part of the French Cultures Festival coordinated by the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Houston.

    The company is presenting a selection of their recorded works, featuring an eclectic mix of contemporary dance, music and theatrical expression. The program includes their full production (UN)ROOTED which premiered in Austin, TX in 2018, the premiere of a new work that was created during the pandemic, some of the best short works of the company, and a special documented evening on the creation process of the emblematic solo Blossoming, which was performed in France in and in the United-States.

    1. Friday, March 12, 2020, 8pm (1h15) SHORT WORKS:
    Blossoming (12min)
    Intimate choreographic solo danced by Sandie Donzica, in total symbiosis and exchange with musician François Minaux, using Corps Multiple's specific technique of multidisciplinary improvisation. Portrays the inner struggle of the individual trying to define herself, construct herself, identify herself, while being intrinsically connected, attracted and rejected by the group, by society. Very first performance of this solo in its original form during SEAM Project in Austin, TX (2018).

    1,2,3 Soleil (9min)
    Humoristique piece for 1 dancer (Sandie Donzica) and 2 musicians (François Minaux & Bob Hoffnar) exploring human relationships seeded in the the memory of childhood and games. Turning dark, the game will progressively reveal a relationship of dominance, hierarchy and cruelty. Created and performed for the Humoresque Dance Salon in Austin, TX (2018).

    SOLACE (12min)
    Online premiere of the choreographic solo danced by Rachael Hanlon on self-discovery, cycles of birth and meaning of the self. Co-produced by Articulate Austin as part of the Articulate Program 2020.

    Rebirth of the Rose (39min)
    Multidisciplinary piece performed by Sandie Donzica (dance) and Javier Jara (Guitar, Singing). Explores the theme of the rose, rebirth and nature's delicacy and strength, with contemporary dance, spanish guitar and poetic singing. Performed in March 2020 at The VORTEX, in Austin, TX. Filmed and edited by Magic Spoon Productions.

    2. Saturday, March 13, 2020, 8pm (1h20) FULL PRODUCTION:
    An eclectic performance on the themes of orphanage and identity. Musical, scenic and choreographic conception by Sandie Donzica and François Minaux. Dancer: Sandie Donzica. Musicians: François Minaux, Bob Hoffnar, Chris Demetriou. Premiered on December 13-15, 2018 at The VORTEX (Austin, TX)

    3. Sunday, March 14, 2020, 5pm (1h) FOCUS ON CREATION:
    Evolution of Blossoming, from the studio to the stage:
    Originally an improvised duo between sound (François Minaux) and movement (Sandie Donzica) created in 2018 as part of the production (UN)ROOTED, the work continued its development overseas to become a powerful and surprising choreographic solo, interpreted and toured by Sandie Donzica. Follow the creation and evolution of this emblatic work of the company, watching the different versions worked in studio and excerpts of performance in Austin and the South of France, virtually guided by Sandie Donzica herself.

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