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    Billy King and The Bad Bad Bad: a band whose band name alone evokes a curiosity that lurks in the mind dangerously. Like an amalgamation of rebellion, acid-laced beach parties, and anti-establishment activism, you can’t help but recall a sensation of déjà vu; connecting each other through familiarity while forging new pathways. These outlaws came from nowhere, like creatures of the night, to indoctrinate you into an era since been forgotten. Once their first chord is struck, these emerging luminaries awaken a spark deep within your soul that will transform and conform your life forever.

    Geranium Drive: Where many bands cross genres, Geranium Drive genuinely connects the dots. The group creates a melange of sound by combining the spirit of rock n roll with the soul of modern psychedelia. With a bevy of single releases geared up for 2023, the four-piece outfit from Austin, TX is sure to slip you down a rabbit hole of psych-punk curiosities, and lead you into the sunset of a 1960s Laurel Canyon Jam

    Fading Yellow: an indie psych-pop trio from Austin, Texas.

    Complimentary drinks are available with the purchase of a ticket. 

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