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    Join Tej Arvind and Ray Withers for a full moon Healing Sound Event - an evening of live music, mindful meditation and a gong sound bath. This full moon is an auspicious time for initiating actions and making things happen. Using the gong, guitar, ukulele, drums and vocals, we will reveal how the power of sound can transform and heal on this auspicious evening!

    “Ray and I love using the power of sound and intentions to create a change. We love being the catalyst for change in the lives of other people and empowering them to take actions for the betterment of all” - Tej

    Tej Arvind has a dynamic background of both Kundalini and Hatha yoga. She uses Vedic Astrology to design events for the energetics of the current time and enjoys incorporating yogic techniques such as mudras, mantras, breath work, and meditation. She has been playing the gong and using the power of sound and music within her classes since 2013.

    Ray Withers is a singer/songwriter, a Kundalini yoga teacher, and a practitioner of yoga and meditation. His songs use lyrics that empower listeners to tune within to remember the connection that's inherent within us all. He has been on this path since he was 16 years old and has found that the use of music and the voice is a profound way to connect to the divinity within.

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