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    As women, we lead incredible lives, but often do so in isolation. We get the pressure to be Wonder Woman for our loved ones and everyone around us – at work, at home, with our families and friends. Inevitably putting ourselves last instead of one of the most vital parts of the system. When we form community, we are stronger. The ethos is simple: sisterhood can be created by holding safe-space for women to just be.

    Throughout history, women have gathered in circles to share their knowledge, their difficulties and their triumphs – either to help each other work and heal, or simply to laugh and dance. Unfortunately, modern day living outside the “village consciousness” has separated us from one of our most valuable resources for health and wellness (on many levels): each other!

    Goddess Gathering is a monthly event and is welcoming of women from ALL walks of life and is inclusive of the diverse experiences, histories and identities a woman might have.
    Each month we will have inspiring women sharing their gifts and knowledge with the group.

    From this event, you can expect:
    connection through movement (gentle yoga, dance, relaxation)
    energy-shifting breath work
    guided meditations and sound healing
    sharing stories and ancient myths
    tools to help build a deeper connection with yourself and others
    Dress comfortably, bring water bottle, journal, pen and an open heart.

    Please arrive early, doors will be locked when the gathering starts.

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