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    The cast and crew of the Winter Festival Play assemble at Shrewd Mountain Lodge for the event of the season! (At least in this small town). But things start to go awry as newcomers, outsiders, and big ideas change up the holiday staple. As strange events and sinister "accidents" continue to pile up, it seems clear that someone or something is trying to sabotage the production.

    Is it the ghost that haunts the stage, or a disgruntled artist? Are the cast and crew in danger? Will the show go on? The point is - there’s a mystery, and it’s up to us all to solve it and save the Winter Festival from disaster... or worse.

    Subscribers to Greetings from Shrewd Mountain Lodge will hear from all 6 main characters via video messages, Holiday Cards, and Letters in the actual mail over the course of 6 weeks, along with artifacts, souvenirs, and clues to help solve the mystery! You'll also receive weekly "Performance Reports" via email from our all-knowing Stage Manager, providing additional clues and serving as a way to make sure you've received your missives for that week.

    Premium Subscribers will have the opportunity to write to the cast of characters at Shrewd Mountain Lodge, and they'll write back!!! Premium Subscribers will also receive a custom-designed Shrewd T-shirt, mailed on the very first week of the series.

    So join us for a holly-jolly mystery this winter, or sign-up to give the experience of Shrewd Mountain Lodge as a unique gift for friends and family!

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