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    The GROOVE DANCEfloor is a dynamically interactive and creative group dance/fitness experience. With great music the class unites in a very simple movement or rhythm concept; the difference being everyone gets to dance in their own unique way by incorporating their style and creativity over the basic concepts. We explore a variety of music styles and genres together while I encourage the group to explore their unique potential, and feel good in their own bodies every step along the way. There is no way to get it wrong!

    The World GROOVE Movement is dedicated to spreading the joy of dance! GROOVE is a unique group dance model that makes dance easy, accessible, and fun for 'every-body'. There is no front or back to the dance floor; instead, we move freely in the space around one another. The class progression includes a 10-15 minute Opening Set (arrival, connection & warm-up), a 5-20 minute Play Set (the creative core of music/movement genre selections), and a 10-15 minute Closing Set (cool down, recovery and stillness).

    I really think the best way to understand GROOVE is to watch a video, or better yet GROOVE along with one. Here is a good example from Body GROOVE®, which is the genesis of the GROOVE DANCEfloor®, with at least three different rhythm/movement concepts and a basic idea of a 'Play Set' song; OK, with maybe a few too many, "Yeah Baby(s)" but you will get the idea.

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