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    The Akashic Records are a realm of consciousness -- an energy field much like a hard drive -- that contains all information on our spirit's journey, including past lives, present circumstances and future possibilities.

    Akashic Record Group Readings are an opportunity to tap into our highest divine potential. By reading our spirit's blueprint for the paths to take on our highest mastery in our spirit's evolution, we will gather to find clarity and guidance on our questions for the good of the entire group and all of whom we touch with this newfound knowledge and healing.

    In this group workshop, I will give a reading to by tapping into source energy to give you direction and clarity on questions you have about career development, finances, health and relationships. I help you unblock your souls purpose, discover what subconscious blocks are keeping you from feeling aligned in life and desires. Then we develop effective actionable steps on how to get you to where you want to be.

    Depending on the size of the class I can only take one question per person and may not get to everyone. However, know that the questions answered in the group will be beneficial to all.

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