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    HAAM Day is more than a fundraiser, it’s one of Austin’s most iconic celebrations of community and live music. Traditionally, in just 24 hours, HAAM Day hosts more than 200 live music performances, all over Austin in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Health Alliance for Austin Musicians.

    Last year, we hosted our first ever, completely virtual HAAM Day! While we were unsure of how COVID-19 would affect HAAM’s biggest fundraiser of the year, one thing was crystal clear - the Austin music community RALLIED to support HAAM Day in its new setting.

    For 2021, we are taking what we learned from last year plus understanding where we are currently in regards to the ongoing pandemic and the gathering restrictions in place because of it. Thus, HAAM has decided to plan for HAAM Day to be completely virtual, regardless of if it is safe for us to gather for music or not. As the year progresses and the healthcare landscape changes, we will keep you updated on if/when live music in person becomes additional opportunities we can offer.

    Though many of us have been able to adjust to incorporate COVID-19 into our day-to-day, the need is still great for our musicians. One year from the onset of the pandemic, the stories we're hearing are still heartbreaking.

    That's where you, our Austin community, comes in. Whether you have been a part of HAAM Day in the past or you’re looking to support HAAM for the first time, we are asking for your support for HAAM's biggest fundraiser of the year, HAAM Day 2021.

    Although HAAM Day may look a little different - our fundraising goal (over $1M!!) and the need to help our Austin musicians remains the same. If you are one of the lucky businesses who has successfully pivoted to commerce post COVID-19, we hope you will consider supporting HAAM at this critical time.

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