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    💫House of Mesmerize presents, “Enter the Multiverse.” This experience follows the journey of Mesmer, an artist and amateur tinkerer who discovers a secret: we and our universe are not alone. While exploring this theory, Mesmer opens up a portal and is swallowed into the Multiverse and it’s infinite cosmic curiosities. ⁠

    🌀Years have passed, and Mesmer's workshop is frozen like a time capsule giving insight to those final days. The portal to the Multiverse has remained open for all to explore...all that is left of Mesmer is a paper trail of journal entries and sketches. Are you ready to trace Mesmer’s path? Can you find Mesmer?⁠

    🔮This interactive, gallery-style experience is suitable for all ages and beings. 15 unique art installations, with multiple paths and possibilities. Please leave all notions of reality at the main entrance. Exhibit lasts from September - December. Ticket link and important safety protocol can be found at houseofmesmerize.com⁠

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