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    Hyd burst through cracks in the surface of pop music with their self-titled EP in the fall of 2021, marking the emergence of a lifetime of underground materials. Through whispered vocals, ethereal drips, sharp drops and heavy synths, Hyd leaked out. Pushing past granite rock masses and extensive cave systems of Central Texas, Hyd learned early on about the possibilities of pockets of darkness, the places where light never hits, and what happens when you mix lighter fluid with tears. Between high-school house parties and Texas’ endless oil fields, Hyd’s early influences were equal parts adolescent yearning and petal-to-the-metal gear shifts, landing Hyd in the queer underground of New York. Hyd’s debut EP catalyzed a collective of close friends and frequent co-lab-orators, including A. G. Cook, Hyd’s
    co-creator (along with SOPHIE) of the enigmatic and controversial project QT, Caroline Polachek, umru, and Nomak. The EP explores what it means to move between forms, inheriting one shape while transforming into another. Across the EP’s four tracks, you feel Hyd’s breath on your face, eyelashes an inch apart in the dark, body heat fogging up the windows. An elusive force, deeply enmeshed in the art world and music communities, Hyd dedicated their practice to reinventing systems - systems of communicating, systems of sexuality, systems of interacting with our environments. Whether through large-scale sculptural practice, where they create fluid, transformative art installations for galleries across America and Europe, or through clear transmissions with the natural world, Hyd understands the need to fortify relationships with compassion. Always curious, always evolving, always looking inward.

    Doors at 7:00, Music at 9:00

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