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Ingmar Bergman Series: Persona Screening at AFS Cinema Film & Theater

  • AFS Cinema
  • 6406 N IH-35 Frontage Road
  • Suite 3100
  • Austin, TX 78752
  • September 30, 2018
    October 2, 2018
  • Time: Various

The quintessential cinematic depiction of the Freudian uncanny, which has inspired generations of filmmakers. After an odd, personal exchange at the hospital, nurse Alma (Bibi Andersson) attempts to treat her struggling psychiatric patient, Elisabet (Liv Ullmann) by bringing her to an island summer house. Elisabet is an actress who has stopped speaking, and things only get stranger for both women as Alma begins to confide deeply in her patient at their island getaway, merging Elisabet’s story with her own. With PERSONA, Bergman explored the psychological possibilities of the doppelganger and the transience of personhood while pushing two of his greatest collaborators to new heights with their performances. Beyond its iconic imagery and themes, PERSONA’s riveting performances are key to what makes it a cinematic touchstone. This was the first collaboration between Ingmar Bergman and Liv Ullmann; the beginning of one of the most profoundly fertile creative partnerships in the history of cinema.

Ingmar Bergman Series: Persona Screening at AFS Cinema