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    Mary Moody Northen Theatre, on the campus of St. Edward's University, is a professional arena theater serving both the students of St. Ed's and the community of Austin. The University's theater program is grounded in classroom training mixed with production experience. In addition MMNT invites guest artists from the world of professional theater, film and television to work with faculty and students in production.
    The narrative unfolds with 4 main characters. The first two are Baker and his wife, who are wishing for a child. The third is Cinderella, whose wish is to attend the King's Festival. The fourth is Jack, who wishes his cow would produce milk. When the Baker and his wife discover they can't have a child due to the Witch's curse, they embark on a quest to break the curse. While everyone's wishes are granted, the consequences of their actions come back to haunt them, leading to disastrous outcomes.
    April 11 - 21, 2024
    Thursday - Saturday at 7:30pm
    Sundays at 2pm

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