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    Intro to Acro is a six-week beginner Acroyoga class. In this course, you will learn the physical skills and language needed to practice and play Acro! You will be introduced to some of the many modalities of partner acrobatics and learn a foundation to practice and develop your skills safely during and beyond the course. Come engage in this powerful movement practice and take part in the worldwide movement that is Acro!

    Do I need a partner?
    No need to bring your own partner, as we will be practicing in groups in class. Of course, you are welcome to come together as well!

    What is AcroYoga?
    AcroYoga or "Acro" is the art and joy of lifting each other up! It is the exploration of creating shapes and exploring movement with two or more people. We take the roles of Basing: being connected to the ground, Flying: being lifted or balanced in the air, and Spotting: supporting our bases and flyers in safely creating their movements and poses. We will all have time to explore each of these roles! Anyone can Base, anyone can Fly, and everyone can Spot!

    Acro is also an exploration of play, movement, power, balance, connection, and communication. We will learn to tap into our inner joy of movement and communication through our words and bodies and learn to access our own power and balance through this practice.

    There are many modalities of Acro including L-basing (with the base laying on the ground) Standing Acro (where the base is in a standing position), Counterbalances (where we make shapes that are dependent upon each other's balance and connection), and Thai-fly, a healing and restful modality where we use our bodies' mechanics and connection to stretch, massage, and restore our partners and ourselves. We will be primarily exploring L-basing acro, but you will be introduced to each one of these modalities in this course!

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