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    A variety of acts pay tribute to the icon

    Inspired by the life of Britney Spears, a rotating cast of talented performers come together from Austin's arts and comedy scenes (sketch, stand-up, acro, drag and more) to humorously explore themes of empowerment, fame, mental health, the role of media, and the absurdity of our own participation in pop culture. A portion of ticket sales will go to the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity. #freebritney

    Starring: Linzy Beltran, Dave Buckman, Neil Dorsey, CB Feller, Emma Holder, Yola Lu, Katie Moore, Jer Moran, Kyle Romero, Kimberly Schonhorst, Chuy Zarate, and feat. The Great Flying Cervix. Directed by Amy Knop and Dylan Garsee. Technical direction by Nate Archer. Art by Ashlee Jordan Pryor-Pitluk.

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