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    Exhibition: Details of My Existence, A Three Person/One Man Show
    4/1/23 - 5/7/23

    Opening Reception: Saturday, April 1st, 6-9 pm

    The Sky Guy: One of the things I love about art is that each individual can bring her or his own interpretation to what is presented. That’s why I don’t like to talk about my paintings … but I do love to paint.
    Juan Diego Nerumski: I am trying to find perfect balance in life and in my artistic expression.
    Hercules: Some guy named Dennis told me I have pareidolia.

    Are you confused, dear art enthusiast? How do you fit three people in one body? Have these three artists ever been seen at the same time? Jon Eric Narum ("The Sky Guy"), JD Nerumski, & Hercules da Vinci would like your attention for a moment. Just don't expect to walk away understanding anything. Walk away in awe.

    Jon is one of the ubiquitous, avid bicyclists in Austin, a UT grad, "The Sky Guy", so called for his unbelievably beautiful sky oil paintings. Much more inhabits this artist. I say inhabit with purpose. For JD Nerumski & Herc leave one head scratching. Are they alter egos? Multiple personalities? A lifetime artist joke?

    Nerumski's colorful abstractions are perfectly balanced visions & da Vinci’s paper towels are, indeed, masterpieces. Oil paint on paper towels? Fret not. Jon attests that he has the first one Herc created twenty years ago that looks as good as it once did. I witnessed its glory, so I have no issue selling these beauties.

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