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    Drop into the theta state during this journey of the mind, body, and spirit.

    The evening will begin with a kundalini yoga practice and pranayama (breath work) led by Ashley. The practices will shift stagnant energy and expand our heart space, with open hearts, we will move into a practice of Expanded Dance.

    The concept is to go up, up, up, up, getting high on the music and dancing, going to expansion, and feeling free. The dance set will be followed by a live ambient performance with an analog synthesizer and healing sounds.

    The music has been described by others as tasteful, groovy, sensual, dreamy, complex rhythms, spiritual, ethereal, introspective, emotional, deep, and cyclic.

    KUROTA. It means "to dream" in Kinyarwanda, an African language from Rwanda. Kurota has been traveling and DJ'ing for a while and he just spent time in Costa Rica producing events, and would like to bring back the essence of the jungle and beach to Austin and to introduce a new style of dance event to the Austin community that he named: Expansive Dance

    Ashley holds space for healing through, sound, breath, movement, and art. Born in Austin and raised in the hill country, and always looked to the sky and wildflowers as her forever teachers. She has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching since 2015.

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