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La Juan D’Arienzo, Ambassadors or Argentine Tango in their US Tour! 11 piece Argentine Tango Orchestra! Live Music

  • Scottish Rite Theater
  • 207 W. 18th St.
  • Austin, TX 78701
  • March 2, 2019
  • Phone: (512) 524-2772
  • Time: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Price: General Admission: $50 Main Floor seat per person $40 Balcony seat per person

About the event:
Esquina Tango is proud to invite to the event of the year :La Juan D’Arienzo, Ambassadors or Argentine Tango in their US Tour!
Only show in TEXAS!!!!!
Special dance performance by local teachers Monica Caivano & Gustavo Simplis.
Mark your calendars!

Listen to this incredible world-renowned band :

About La Juan D’Arienzo: Since its 2012 debut in Buenos Aires, La Juan D’Arienzo has aimed to offer listeners and dancers the characteristic music in the style of the legendary tango orchestra leader Juan D’Arienzo, who was known as the Rey del Compás, or the King of the Rhythm. The young and talented musicians not only offer that mode of one of the greatest orchestras in Argentine tango history, they also bring a freshness that has been welcomed by audiences around the world.

The orchestra consists of 11 musicians: Pablo Valle on piano; Andres Santarciero on double-bass; Juan Pablo Cravenna, Sebastian Frassón,Pablo Ginzburg, and Emilio Pagano on violins; Pablo Amado, Ricardo Badaracco, Facundo Lazzari, and Oscar Yemha on bandoneóns; and Fernando Rodas, a talented singer. The orchestra is directed by the first bandoneónist, Lazzari, whose grandfather was Carlos Lazzari, the first bandoneónist and arranger for the original Juan D’Arienzo Orchestra from 1950 until 1976, when D’Arienzo passed away, and then the leader of Los Solistas de D’Arienzo.

In a very short time, La Juan D’Arienzo seduced the Buenos Aires dance scene and performed live on television and radio shows. Since 2013, they also have toured throughout Argentina, with performances in cities including Santiago del Estero (First Tango Festival – Homero Manzi), Salta, Córdoba, Rosario, Mar del Plata, Canals, and Venado Tuerto. The made their international debut in Brazil, performing in Santa María de Río Grande do Sul. In August 2013, the first anniversary of their founding, they performed during the main event at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival, and once again the next year at the same festival, held in the famous La Boca neighborhood.

In 2014, La Juan D’Arienzo made its first international tour of Europe, winning accolades from audiences at milongas and tango festivals in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Hungary. The tour coincided with the launch of the orchestra’s first CD, “Cortando Clavos,” which features some of the most famous and typical songs of the maestro Juan D’Arienzo, giving them the same energy and soul.

The musicians extended their international touring in 2015, to Asia. The orchestra visited 35 cities in Japan and Taiwan and performed in some of their most famous theaters, sponsored by the Min-On Concert Association. La Juan D’Arienzo then made another tour of Europe,playing 27 shows at milongas and festivals in Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, and Poland.

Returning to Europe again in 2016, La Juan D’Arienzo performed at some of best known festivals in the world, including the Lisbon Tango Festival, Edinburgh International Tango Festival, Anversa Tango Festival, Mallorca Tango Festival, and Tarbes in Tango. The orchestra musicians also recorded their second studio album, “Siciliano,” which features some original material in the style of the Rey del Compás. For their fourth birthday celebration, La Juan D’Arienzo honored the maestro who inspired them with an exhibition of some of the artists and musicians from the original Juan D’Arienzo Orchestra: Horacio “Coco” Palma (singer, 1931); Ernesto Franco (musician, 1929); Mauricio Svidowsky (musician); Gloria and Eduardo (dancers in the 1940s); Carlos Gorrindo (announcer with 2×4 Radio and expert in Juan D’Arienzo’s history); and Fernando Rodas (singer).

La Juan D’Arienzo returned to Europe and Asia last year for tours that included an appearance at the JMarathon in Taipei, Taiwan. In March of this year, La Juan D’Arienzo won the coveted Tango Award 2018 in Buenos Aires, for Best Orchestra. The musicians are working to record a third album, “Bienvenido a Este Sector,” and they are scheduled two tour again in Europe, with performances at the Lisbon and Amberes tango festivals, as well as in France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.

Besides, in 2018 “ La Juan D’Arienzo “ is getting ready to its first US tour which is going to take place in February-March 2019 performing in many cities of the States. Many other opportunities to dance the most amusing tango style are coming up! We are waiting for you!

“This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.”

La Juan D’Arienzo, Ambassadors or Argentine Tango in their US Tour! 11 piece Argentine Tango Orchestra!
  • to
  • Scottish Rite Theater
  • General Admission: $50 Main Floor seat per person $40 Balcony seat per person