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    Sisters Lisa and Janelle Iglesias have collaborated artistically as Las Hermanas Iglesias since 2005, alongside their individual studio practices. Working on opposite coasts, the artists produce playful work in a variety of mediums, engaging issues such as community, feminism, and cultural hybridity. Las Hermanas’ artworks draw on their identities as the children of Dominican and Norwegian immigrants and highlight relationships between family members as well as individuals in society, tying the personal to larger cultural systems and promoting cooperation and collectivity.

    Their Contemporary Project debuts work that draws on the sisters’ own navigations of fertility, pregnancy, loss, and birth. Both gave birth during the COVID-19 pandemic when parenting-related concerns, including essential labor, healthcare access, childcare costs, paid leave, and reproductive justice, came to the fore. The artists’ understanding of caregiving as part of a complex network of social issues shapes the themes and forms of their project. Through a constellation of textile, collage, and sculpture, Las Hermanas Iglesias hold space for the complexity and nuance that inform a wide range of reproductive and caregiving experiences.

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