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    They were strong women, a key group in the economic development of their time -- and a force to be reckoned with!

    Las Lavanderas is a bilingual musical based in history that takes place in a time of great urban upheaval in the San Juan of the mid-19th century. During this epoch in history, there was a large push by the elite to displace the poor, working class to live outside the walled city of San Juan, so that it could be a symbol of Spanish modernity and respectability for the rest of the island.

    The play pays tribute to the Lavanderas (laundresses) - an organized group of courageous women who were not afraid to stand up to the patriarchal colonial government for their rights to better living and working conditions.

    Join Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance for our 17th original musical that brings history to life through community theater -- featuring acting, live music, and dance. Written by Tekina-eirú Maynard, Las Lavanderas is our newest play based in history that celebrates unsung heroes!

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