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    Austin New Music Co-op Presents: Listening in
    Every Friday at 9pm (for now)

    Not too long ago, West Texas ranchers figured out that if you connected two Sears telephone sets to the top wire on a barbed-wire fence, you could talk between the telephones without an operator's switchboard.

    Not too long ago, NMC composers were planning our spring concerts. Now we’re all in uncharted territory. In times of uncertainty and disruption, it’s in our nature to experiment with what we have on hand to keep making music together. In lieu of our normal routine of in-person performances, composer/performers Andrew Stoltz, Travis Weller and Brent Fariss (The Cedar Choppers) - will host a weekly streaming session featuring live, simultaneous collaboration across multiple locations. Join the group as they listen and respond, adapting to a ten second streaming delay, creating an unusual canon-like flow of textural call and response. Each week will feature a slightly different set of instruments and combinations such as trios, duets, and solos.

    The performance will begin at 9PM CDT each Friday evening and run approximately 45-60 minutes. This is intended as a casual “open studio” event – watch, listen, meditate, read, sleep, converse with others – background or foreground – it’s up to you. We’ll be there playing regardless.

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